How do you choose where to stay for a city break? For many people, it’s an automatic default to choose a hotel, which can often be costly and restrictive. Would you consider alternative accommodation, like an aparthotel? Hotels in Glasgow are usually stylish but don’t offer great value for money, unlike PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments. Here’s 5 reasons why you should choose a serviced apartment over a hotel for your next trip to Glasgow:

1. Cost-effective

The bottom line when it comes to where you stay is the cost. Travelling for business or leisure is expensive enough without paying over the odds for your accommodation. Serviced apartments offer better value for a lower price without compromising on service or luxury. Often when booking hotels, location and cost go hand in hand; the closer you are to the centre of the action, the higher the cost. With serviced apartments, our rates give you great value while still staying in the middle of the city close to all attractions and transport.

2. Long Term Stays

Sometimes accommodation isn’t just for a couple of nights for a weekend break. If you need longer-term accommodation, perhaps due to relocation or work commitments, PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments offer an alternative to the confined space of a traditional hotel room. They also offer a kitchen and living area as standard in each suite, perfect for socialising and holding informal business meetings. It’s the little things that mean a lot when you’re travelling long-term so if you’d like your cupboards stocked before you arrive, or your favourite breakfast cereal ready for you - we can help with that. PREMIER SUITES also offer fantastic discounts and corporate rates. Our reservation team can tell you more about the great value rates available to you.

3. Home from Home

While hotel rooms look the part, they never really feel like home. When you finish a long day at work, you want to relax on the sofa with your feet up and enjoy TV. Our suites are not only stylish but very comfortable and they have a little taste of the city in each room – from the artwork to the views. If you’d like to continue working, the kitchen/living room area gives you space and freedom to do so and a separate bedroom will ensure you can switch off fully.

4. Space for all the family

Travelling with children can be a challenge. Make sure your lodgings are equipped to accommodate you all comfortably, instead of cramming into a small hotel room. Each of the suites in our aparthotel has a fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare meals for the family if you’d prefer not to eat out for every meal. Hotels are difficult for families and especially restrictive if you’re travelling with a specific dietary requirement or a fussy eater! Serviced apartments give you much more freedom and flexibility than a hotel.

5. Privacy and security

Often when staying in a hotel, privacy and security can be an issue. Not only are you sharing your space with your fellow guests, diners and drinkers, housekeeping can often be intrusive too. At PREMIER SUITES, your safety and security are our top priority, closely followed by your comfort and privacy. Our housekeeping teams won’t disturb you every morning (unless requested), so you can enjoy a lie-in in peace. Our safety procedures are rigorously tested and enforced, and our staff are well trained in case of an emergency.

If you’ve never stayed in an aparthotel before, give it a go on your next trip. It’s a refreshing change from traditional hotels in Glasgow. Our great value rates and special offers are only available when you book directly using our website or by contacting one of our friendly team. We look forward to welcoming you to PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Glasgow soon.

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